Which banks will borrow money under the best conditions?

And here are some questions about loans. Which bank loan, where is the cheapest and which bank has the best offer. The credit search engine for mortgage loans and mortgages is a search and estimation of loan installments.

In order to select the best bank, it will be necessary to compare loans and credits before deciding to choose a specific source of financing. Creditworthiness and creditworthiness are also important, as they determine the parameters of the loan that we obtain in the bank.

Financing Credits

Financing Credits

When calculating your creditworthiness, it is not worth using calculators to calculate your creditworthiness – you will not know the truth. If you want to know what your creditworthiness is, it is necessary to contact one of the banks. The bank’s search engine allows you to choose a bank, loan or loan and contact online with a bank advisor.

When assessing creditworthiness, such factors as: income, age of the borrower and place of employment are taken. But these are not, of course, the only ones.

What else is taken while calculating your creditworthiness?

What else is taken while calculating your creditworthiness?

The work is connected with the work experience as well as the type of employment contract. The best solution is of course a long internship and an indefinite contract. A fixed-term contract may also be perceived “neutrally” in the case of loan repayment during its term.

Where we live, in a big or small city, in the countryside is important because of the cost of living.

Your education is another factor taken into account when assessing your ability. People with higher education are better perceived by a bank than a person with secondary education. Practice, however, shows that it does not always translate into knowledge of the elementary principles of economics.

Who has more chances for a loan: single or marriage ? Married persons are better perceived by banks, and therefore better assessed, due to the stabilization achieved. Additionally, when applying for a loan with a spouse, we obtain a higher creditworthiness.

In turn, children and dependents are a reduction in creditworthiness. The more dependent people, the lower the creditworthiness.

For the bank it is very good news if you have movable property (note: cars, banks can treat as a cost), real estate (house, flat, plot), bank account, stocks or savings. In case of what will have to recover from the required debt.

Credit credibility in BIK

Credit credibility in BIK

When applying for a loan, the bank will definitely check our credit history at BIK, but also, especially in the case of cash loans and cash loans, the number of inquiries about these products. Therefore, one should not contact a large number of banks on loans and credits in the short term.

Other obligations are also included in the costs and in this case it does not matter that you regulate them on a regular basis. Credits, loans, account limits, credit cards (even if you do not use them) are a burden and reduce your creditworthiness. In the case of credit cards and debits in your account, trying to for example a housing loan, it is best to pay off and liquidate. In the case of several bank loans and loans, consolidate with a consolidation loan.

Non-banking loan and creditworthiness

And do non-bank loans affect our creditworthiness? If the loan company cooperates with BIK, the bank will learn about our repaid and unpaid liabilities in this respect. It is not the best way to use this type of financing, and to rely on the erroneous assumption that with the help of payday loans, you can create a positive credit history.

Loan insurance solution: to insure a loan if the bank refuses

Mortgage broker insurance solution cheap

Mortgage broker insurance solution cheap

Loan insurance is a term insurance, limited to the duration of the loan.

The repayment of the loan is thus guaranteed in the event of death of the borrower, the death guarantee can be completed by guarantees of insurance of persons covering the risks of incapacity, disability and even guarantee loss of employment in order to protect the insured in case of accident of life. This insurance is not compulsory but it is most often required by credit organizations.

Why does one have to take out a loan?

Loan insurance is a necessary condition for obtaining credit. There is no legal requirement, but banks, lenders, and credit institutions most often ask borrowers to subscribe to loan insurance that meets the needs of collateral, a real security for the borrower and his borrower. entourage, but also for the lending institution.

How to effectively insure your loan(s)?

The best loan insurance solution is most often the insurance delegation system, so loan insurance is underwritten to the benefit of borrowers, depending on its profile and has many advantages for the borrower:

  • simple membership formalities, a really advantageous loan insurance rate, reduced costs and fees, flexibility of options related to age, health status, profession of borrower, amount capacity borrowed more important (big capital).

Mandatory information borrower insurance

Mandatory information borrower insurance

The duty of information of the lending organization: For any borrower insurance contract, we give you the necessary information on the guarantees and their cost. And to this end, give a note listing the risks guaranteed and specifying all the terms and conditions of your loan insurance. The preliminary loan offer includes information on the possibility for the borrower to take out equivalent insurance with the insurer of his choice.

Borrower and co-borrower insurance solution

If two people contribute to the repayment of the loan, it will be necessary to ensure that each one is insured in proportion to its contribution or not. The choice of distribution is unlimited, and can be defined by the borrower from the moment the quotations are equal to the minimum at 100%, for example:

  • Insurance for each of the entire capital, the insurer then pays the totality of the remaining due in case of death of one of the insured (100% borrower + 100% co-borrower),
  • Insurance for each on 50% of the capital, the insurer then pays half of the remainder. (50% borrower + 50% co-borrower) + Insurance Agreement
  • Insurance for a borrower on 100% of the capital, and 50% for the co-borrower the insurer then pays the totality of the remainder due in case of death of the borrower or half of the remaining due in case of death of the co-borrower (100% borrower + 50% co-borrower).

The obligations of the insured borrower

The obligations of the insured borrower

For your part, you must communicate to the insurer a certain amount of information that is essential for the assessment of the risks taken into account. You must complete a health questionnaire, using a signed form. Make sure to answer completely and with the utmost accuracy because the statements are binding on you.

If there is an intentional misrepresentation, the insurer is entitled to invoke, on the basis of article of the Insurance Code, the nullity of the contract and to draw the consequences. This means that, in the event of a claim, the insurer will not cover the due dates, with all the financial consequences that may result. In the absence of bad faith, compensation may be reduced if the contribution paid is lower than that normally due.

What are the risks guaranteed by the borrower insurance?

  • The death guarantee: the contract always includes this guarantee. The insurance company reimburses the remaining principal due to the death of the borrower.
  • The incapacity/work incapacity guarantee: if the disability is permanent and absolute, the insurance company provides the same benefits as in case of death. When it is partial, it is the repayment of the installments as and when due. There is a period, so-called franchise, just after the start of the work stoppage (for example 90 days) beyond which the insurer compensates. The consequences of work stoppages after a certain age, for example 60, may not be covered by insurance.
  • a period immediately following the date of enrollment in the insurance and during which the insurer does not guarantee loss of employment,
    1. an age at which the guarantee ceases, the so-called franchise period following the dismissal beyond which the insurer compensates,
    2. a maximum number of indemnified installments, in total for the entire duration of the loan, and for each period of continuous unemployment,
    3. conditions for restarting compensation for unemployment after the loss of a new job.

Who to prevent to play the insurance?

Who to prevent to play the insurance?

The credit institution acted as intermediary to the membership. It is to him that it will be necessary to address the declaration, preferably by registered letter, to make play the insurance. He will send your claim to the insurer. The latter pays the bank the compensation provided for in the contract.

Reporting deadlines

Whatever the guarantee involved, respect the reporting deadlines in the contract. If you delay, you could lose all your rights, or receive the indemnity only from the sending of your return.


Micro loan immediate payout – 100 to 3,000 euros to borrow immediately.

Microcredit with immediate payment

You desperately need money and want to repay it within 60 days or less? Then a microcredit is the first choice for you. Traditional banks do not have such a loan in their portfolio. Only the Camibank offers such a loan. There are a total of five providers who have made it their mission to help the customer with a micro loan with immediate payout. We will show you which ones are and what you have to consider, because within these providers there are serious differences. These affect the additional costs and the term.

How does microcredit differ from traditional credit?

How does microcredit differ from traditional credit?

The differences already start with the loan amount. This starts at 100 euros and ends with 5,000 euros. The term is, with exception, only a maximum of 60 days. Alone because of the short term, a micro loan with immediate payment is only suitable for bridging, until the next salary or salary is again posted to the account. Usually, this loan is needed to settle an urgent bill or necessary repairs. It would be wrong if you wanted to finance luxury goods with it. For almost all providers, the microcredit can be applied for immediately via the Internet. Within a few minutes you will either receive a confirmation or a cancellation. The normal payout period is up to four business days. If you are in a hurry, you can book the Lightning Transfer option. It is chargeable and can be very expensive. Another distinguishing feature is the handling of credit bureau entries. There are a total of five microcredit providers with immediate payment, but only two providers may have negative entries in the credit bureau. For all other providers, this leads to a credit rejection.

Who are the providers for a microcredit?

Who are the providers for a microcredit?

To give you a better overview, we will introduce you to these providers.


Neofunding has been around since 2012. The process of lending is automated, which leads to faster acceptance or cancellation. The standard term is 30 days. The lowest desired amount amounts to 100 euros. The highest loan amount is 5,000 euros. Customers can optionally choose a term of 180 days. A medium credit rating is sufficient for a loan commitment.

You have the option to apply for an express payment. In this case, a credit will be given within 30 minutes. This option is associated with high additional costs. You can then apply for this microcredit immediately if you earn at least 500 euros net and have a German bank account. You also need a main residence in Germany. You must neither be over-indebted nor have you submitted a sworn statement. If you meet the basic requirements, you can request this micro-loan with immediate payment directly from Neofunding without obligation. Within a few minutes you will receive an answer.


The Fascredit is awarded by the Merratu Bank in Malta. If you want to apply for a microcredit for the first time, you will receive a loan amount of up to 600 euros. After that, the loan amount will increase to 1500 euros, provided you have paid the first loan on time. The credit decision falls within 60 seconds. If you book the Xpress service, the money will be ready in your account within 24 hours. Salary statements or other documents are not required. All you have to do is identify yourself to a representative of the provider using the VideoIdent procedure with your ID card. You can simply upload a copy of the ID card with your application. This instant loan microcredit is even a real alternative for students or trainees who often find banks reluctant to ask for a loan.


With Viloan amounts up to 600 euros can be requested. The following terms are available: 15, 30 and 60 days. The provider also has the paid express payment in the program. The money can therefore be credited to your account within 24 hours. To apply for such a microcredit immediately, you must be at least 18 years old. In addition, you need a permanent residence in Germany and a stable income of at least 700 euros. A credit bureau entry is no obstacle. As with other providers, you can identify yourself online.


The microcredit from Meelending is awarded in cooperation with Centiloan. There are no long waiting times with an answer, because within a short time you will find out if you get a microcredit immediately. The maximum sum here is 5000 euros. This loan differs significantly from the other loans, as it has a term of 36 months. However, the credit bureau plays an essential role here. With negative entries, it will be very difficult with a loan commitment. Centiloan offers in addition to conventional bank loans and loans from private. That is the difference to the banks, because the private donors are not bound by the guidelines of the banks. It is quite possible that, despite a negative credit bureau entry, a microcredit comes about through private donors.

Camibank Direct money

At Camibank, loan amounts of 100 to 3000 euros are available. A positive credit bureau is the basic condition for a loan commitment. An income of 601 euros is expected. Also, the residence of the borrower in Germany must lie with the Camibank. The term is between two and six months. If the online application is completed by 1pm, you will receive the loan amount the same day. The PostIdent is no longer necessary because Camibank also uses the new VideoIdent for identification. Fees for express transfers are currently not applicable. In addition to microcredits, Camibank also offers traditional loans with higher loan amounts and longer maturities. These loans can also be requested online.

What you should always consider when microcredit

What you should always consider when microcredit

It does not matter if you want to borrow 100 Euro or 5.000 Euro, you have to repay the chosen sum in any case. If you have even the slightest doubt that you have the money at the time of repayment, then you prefer to forego a microcredit.

Once this point has been clarified, you will see that a micro-loan will cost you much less than your bank’s credit line. The banks demand very high interest rates for the overdraft. With a micro loan with immediate payment you pay only low interest rates, which hardly make itself felt under the line. With some providers, it is possible to get such a loan despite credit bureau, because the application is decided individually.

If you book additional options, these are usually chargeable. The best example is express transfers. If you need the money within 24 hours, then you have to expect high fees. Special options are things that make microcredit more expensive. Here is a small example:

You apply for an express loan of 50 euros. Then there are additional costs of 29 euros for you. The higher the loan amount, the higher the cost of an express transfer. You should therefore think very carefully about whether you would rather not wait four days until the payout.

If you can not repay on time, then you have to expect the same consequences as a traditional installment loan. In this case, a message will be sent to the credit bureau. There are more costs for you. In the worst case, a judicial dunning procedure threatens up to the seizure.


Microcredit opens up completely new opportunities on the financial market. Those who need money at short notice are very well served with such a micro loan with immediate payment. The payment is fast and if no special options are booked, the costs are limited. If you are in a hurry, you have to expect considerable additional costs. In addition, this loan is not suitable for the purchase of high-quality goods. It serves only for bridging, until the next money comes from the employer. He is meant for that and nothing else. Due to the lower interest rates, it pays to resort to a micro-loan with immediate payment in the event of a financial shortage. The use of the Dispos on the checking account is considerably more expensive, because here interest accrues in the double-digit range.

Loan for home renovation – 3 best solutions.

There are several options to finance the renovation of the property. It all depends on the scope of planned works and our financial and economic condition. We are asking people who are looking for financing in the form of a loan, which one will be the best in a given situation.

Renovation of a house or flat means not only a nuisance related to planned works. It is also a “headache” before proceeding – determining the scope of activities, setting the date and schedule of renovation, choosing paints, wallpapers or tiles and many other “small”, but still important, decisions. One of them is to determine the method of financing potential work. In short, “where to get all the money for it?”, “How to protect yourself so that there is no lack of money for additional activities, the necessity of which will be revealed during the renovation?”.

Fast, cheap and alone

Fast, cheap and alone

Let’s start with the simplest option – the renovation will be small, we are able to do some of the work ourselves and in addition we want to start work quickly. Oh, such a “refreshment” of the interior for a mountain of two, three thousand zlotys. In this situation, a credit card or a limit in your account (also known as a debit) should be enough.

The speed of access to money, the ease of use when purchasing the necessary materials, long-term interest-free period, the need to pay only the minimum amount – these are the basic advantages of a credit card. In addition, some banks offer “plastics” offering a bonus in the form of discounts in selected DIY chains or grocery stores. The amount saved when buying food can be used for additional materials.

Sometimes, it is possible for a purchase made with a credit card above a certain amount (eg PLN 300) to be spread over the “traditional” installments. All you need is a phone number for a hotline or an application made in electronic banking.

Equally flexible access to financing is guaranteed by debits. However, this solution has two major disadvantages. The first is the lack of an interest-free period. The second is the fact that each account’s influence is directed first to repaying the debt, and only the remaining amount is available to the account owner. Therefore, it is not difficult to overestimate your real financial capabilities.

For a bigger appetite – cash loan

For a bigger appetite - cash loan

When the estimate of the projected works is worth a few or several thousand zlotys and we will use the services of one or a few professionals, the credit card is no longer enough. Even if we have such a limit on it, it will not help us, because the professional will ask for “live” cash to buy materials. At the end, he will definitely want to receive money, not wait for a transfer. In this situation, you need to think about the cash loan and take into account in the schedule of renovation to settle all formalities.

It is true that some banks offer quick loans for the statement, but their maximum amount is usually three, four thousand zlotys, that is, the amount that will go apart in major renovations. They can be at most a complement to the funds already available.

The loan is always taken at a certain amount. This means that we need to know exactly what we want to renovate and how much it will cost. Credit advisers advise to add a minimum of 10-15 percent to the original cost estimate, as presented by a specialist. for unforeseen expenses. For the borrower it is always an additional cash desk, and for a bank employee is a bigger step on the way to the plan. Below we present offers that can be helpful in successful implementation of renovation plans:

Total demolition – mortgage

Total demolition - mortgage

The need to carry out a major renovation of a house or flat, which means the replacement of all installations, window and door joinery, the location of new plasters and floors, it will certainly cost tens of thousands of zlotys. It’s best to do it comprehensively, in one go, to minimize the associated nuisance. At the expense of this order, the best solution is a mortgage. In general, it is associated with the purchase of real estate, but there are no obstacles to it being intended for the general renovation of a house or flat already owned.

The security of the money borrowed by the bank is the repaired property, which is associated with the entries in the land and mortgage register, i.e. the establishment of a mortgage. Thanks to this, mortgage loans have a much lower interest rate than standard cash loans. The applicant’s creditworthiness is also different. When using this form of financing, however, you must take into account the need to provide the bank with a long list of necessary documents.

A reasonable installment

A reasonable installment

Knowing the scope of the renovation and the amount needed, it is time to consider the amount of the installment that we will be able to repay in the future. This is directly related to the loan period. The longer the repayment date, the lower the installment. Unfortunately, the price of this facility is the increase in the total cost of the loan. The most reasonable solution is to choose an installment, the amount of which will not be an excessive burden on the household budget and which will allow you to buy additional equipment at a later date.

Credit overpayment

Credit overpayment

As soon as there is a possibility of overpayment of one or several installments, you have to use such opportunities to reduce as quickly as possible the principal to be repaid, from which the interest due is payable to the bank. This is especially important in the case of high mortgage loans taken out for several or several dozen years.

There is always a “danger” that interest rates will be increased and the installments of our loans will increase (mortgage loans are generally granted with variable interest rates), or that unforeseen life circumstances will make it difficult or even impossible for us to pay our liabilities on time. In this context, it is worth thinking about loan insurance in the event of death, job loss or serious injury.

Pre-emptive actions

Pre-emptive actions

When planning to take out a loan to renovate an apartment or house, it will not check its credit history in the Credit Information Bureau, so that there is time to clarify any inconsistencies with the actual state. It is worth considering closing or limiting the limits on your credit cards, or paying off the “ends” of your existing liabilities to increase your creditworthiness. All this to make the loan short and the repayment time as short as possible. After paying the last installment you will be able to think about another renovation.

Fast small payday loans of up to € 800 without interest

Don’t you trust companies that grant loans online? Are you afraid of the lenders that mask the conditions of your mini loans?

We are tired of checking how, through the fine print or increasing fees unexpectedly, there are companies that provide money online that require paying a very high amount to the originally established. This is perhaps one of the biggest problems when applying for a payday loan. The distrust that exists before this type of companies that promise all kinds of facilities at the beginning but that then have little to do with reality.

But, although it is difficult to believe, there is a company that, as the title says, does not seek to borrow more from its client. We talk about Single credit And where is the trick? You will be wondering.

Simply, Single credit earns money with the quick repayment of the loans granted. Therefore, their highest priority is to get their customers to return the money borrowed as soon as possible. They provide credits quickly and with a short-term return. Transparency is its best value. They do not want clients who cannot cope with their mini-loans.

Who is behind Single credit

Who is behind Single credit

Single credit is a Spanish company based in Barcelona that has been helping people with financial liquidity needs since 2011. They are specialized in granting short-term loans, facilitating a solution to those unforeseen economic issues that must be addressed quickly. They grant loans of up to € 3000.

If you are a new customer you can only request a maximum of € 600. Their system is based on mutual trust, so that their goal is not to grant as many loans as possible, but to grant those mini-loans that they know people can repay.

They are members of the National Consumer Institute and the National Association of Financial Credit Establishments. Having this support, you have the peace of mind that all the activities carried out by Single credit are controlled and supported by these recognized entities.

Requirements to request your payday loan

  • Age between 18 and 80 years.
  • Reside in Spain.
  • Be an account holder in a national bank
  • Have a mobile number.
  • Have an email account.
  • You do not need endorsement or payroll but a source of habitual income

As you will see these requirements, they are nothing from the other world and they are the ones that any other credit company is going to demand. But what makes Single credits different from its competition is that they make loans to freelancers and companies. Like granting credits to people who are enrolled in some list of delinquents such as financial credit institution.

How do I ask for my micro loan

We tell you all step by step how to apply for a payday loan with Single credit:

  • Through your calculator you choose the amount of money you need and in how many days you want to return it. If you are a new customer you can only request up to € 600. This amount will increase as you gain the trust of Single credit. In this case you can request up to € 3000.
  • Then fill out the short form that you will find under the calculator. (name, surname, ID, email).
  • Single credits verifies your information and evaluates your request. If so, you will have the money immediately in your bank account. But beware, the availability of money will depend on whether the day is work or not and if your bank is part of the entities with which Single credits works.

Perhaps one of the least positive things is that you must send the application to know how many will be the occasional costs of requesting your loan. They are not included directly in your simulator. But yes, these costs will be fixed throughout the duration of your mini-loan.

Single credits does not want to surprise its customers at the last moment with new expenses. Remember that they are the first ones interested in having their users return the money within the established period.

Returns and expenses for delays

Returns and expenses for delays

The money back can be made by making an deposit in any of your bank accounts or by bank transfer.

If the date on which you have to return your loan arrives you do not do so, Single credit will apply a penalty.

Unlike other companies, Single credit generally does not extend the term of the loan repayment. Before applying the penalty, always try to reach an agreement with you. If it is not achieved, it will impose a penalty of 20% of your total loan. It will increase interest until reaching an agreement with you. If after 45 days the debt has not been paid it will include your name in the list of delinquent financial credit institution.

This will have a direct impact on you since you will not be able to request other loans with Single credit or almost certainly with other companies that grant loans online. In addition, the collection of your loan will go to an external company. That is why before asking for any loan you have to be clear that you are going to be able to pay, so that the remedy is not worse than the disease.

The conditions at the time of requesting a credit are improving as more credits go asking and more confidence they have in you. If you return them before the set date you will have a discount.

Loans without BIK over the Internet.

Loans without BIK are a tempting alternative for people who want to quickly take out loans for the most urgent needs. Unfortunately, the lack of assessment of the borrower’s financial capacity means that more and more of them are unable to pay the declared amount. How do you borrow fast and safe money? CashMan tells you!

What is BIK?

What is BIK?

BIK is really a short name of the institution – Credit Information Bureau. The unit in question deals with the collection of data on the credit history of bank customers and savings and credit unions. However, not everyone has good associations with it. Many bank’s potential clients have been denied because of the negative assessment.

The opinions created by the Credit Information Bureau are used to determine the credibility of the potential borrower. The office creates the so-called scoring, i.e. an individual assessment. Its components include elements such as civil and housing status, as well as income. On the basis of these and many other elements, the borrower’s profile is created. It is a set of basic information for institutions that grant a loan (unless they are not loans without BIK). The lender then determines whether you will have enough funds to repay the obligation.

In addition to BIK, there are also other institutions dealing with the assessment of clients. The most commonly used are: BIG, or Economic Information Bureau; ERIF Debtors Register and the National Debt Register.

There are many companies that provide loans without BIK. Unfortunately, many people overstate their financial capabilities. In an even worse situation are those whom private lenders have misled. Often, such people charge an advance. The consequence of such actions is the forfeiture of money. It should be remembered that each commitment should be repaid in a timely manner and in an appropriate amount. Only regularity will allow us to avoid unpleasantness and refusal to grant a loan in the future.

Loans without BIK – what alternative?

Loans without BIK - what alternative?

Imagine a hypothetical situation. You are on the road, and your car suddenly stopped working. A visit to a mechanic leaves no illusions – you need PLN 1,500 already. Unfortunately, your salary has just ended. Do not look for loans without BIK, which are not a reasonable antidote to your problem. First of all, the provision of a loan based on the BIK or BIG assessment is an expression of concern for the client. A thorough analysis of the borrower’s financial status allows to eliminate possible errors. Thanks to these measures, clients are able to meet their obligations and pay off the borrowed money. Of course, such people still have a positive BIK assessment and can apply for the necessary funds.

Why is it not worth being afraid of BIK?

Why is it not worth being afraid of BIK?

Many people think that the Credit Information Bureau was established only to prosecute debtors. Nothing more wrong! If you’ve ever borrowed money (even if you do not have a loan without BIK), your name certainly appears in the register. This is not always a reason for panic. Some of us deliberately incur liabilities on low amounts to be a reliable client for the future.

A good example will be large loans – for a house or a car. If the bank notices that you previously borrowed money and repaid it in a timely manner – it is possible that you will be willing to lend you money in the future. Remember – safe cash is only one that will not charge your wallet. A good lender mainly cares about the client’s interest.

How to take out a non-bank loan?

How to take out a non-bank loan?

All you need to do is go to the website using a computer, tablet or phone. Use the sliders to specify the time and amount of the commitment. If you have already decided on one of the options, fill in the questionnaire with your details. Then you will be asked for contact information, address and income verification.

3 reasons why you should take out an online loan

3 reasons why you should take out an online loan

  • You do not have to stand in the queue

You spent two hours in a queue and sent you back with a receipt? You can get money without leaving your home. You do not have to hurry – you have time to carefully analyze the documents, and no bank employee will hurry you.

  • Quick and easy

You do not have to fill out the forms. If you want to take out a loan, all you have to do is enter your data and the system will automatically enter information into the system. If you act quickly, the money can be in your account in a quarter of an hour.

  • Promotions for regular customers

If you are looking for a reliable company and a good alternative for loans without BIK, learn more about CashMan’s non-bank loans.